Shadow Systems XR920 Elite Semi-Auto Pistol



The Shadow Systems® XR920 Elite Semi-Auto Pistol is fully-customized handgun from the factory that fits in GLOCK® 19 holsters. The XR920 is sized like the GLOCK 45 with its full-size frame and compact slide. The frame on the XR920 features new modifications from the MR918 that make it an incredible platform. The beavertail has been extended. You get deep cut thumb slats for a more aggressive texture. The trigger guard fits holsters better with its redesign. The slide stop curtain block is larger, making it more difficult to accidentally press the slide release upwards, locking the slide prematurely. The slide features a thinner profile. The corners of the Shadow Systems slide are beveled and angled forward in the rear for more comfortable carry. The bevelled cuts on the front aid in reholstering. The Shadow Systems optic cut includes a relocated extractor depressor plunger assembly, allowing longer screws and creates a greatly enhanced hold on the optic. The match-grade, fluted, TiCN finished barrel is threaded for a compensator or suppressor use. If you’re looking for a heavily-modded carry pistol that’s built by one company for extreme reliability, Shadow Systems makes an excellent pick for you by removing tolerance-stacking issues of custom built guns.

  • Full-size, 17 style grip length
  • Compact, 19 style slide length
  • Larger beaver tail
  • More aggressive thumb slats
  • Enhanced slide stop curtain block
  • Beveled and angled corners
  • Oversized, bolt-on magwell funnel
  • Thinner slide profile
  • Optic cut features extended screw depth for a stronger hold
  • Optic cut plate cover included
  • Threaded, fluted, match-grade barrel
  • Relocated extractor depressor plunger assembly
  • Redesigned trigger guard fits GLOCK 19 compatible holsters


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Shadow Systems XR920 Elite Semi-Auto Pistol
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