Cabot Guns Big Bang Pistol Set

Original price was: $4,990,000.00.Current price is: $4,660,000.00.


The Cabot Guns Big Bang Pistol Set is a pair of matching handguns that were crafted from a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite. The pistols are made from the Gibeon meteorite, which is estimated to have crashed to Earth in Namibia over 30,000 years ago. The set was sold at auction in 2019 for a record-breaking $4.6 million.

After billions of years of travel, a meteorite hurtled to Earth in Gibeon, Namibia during Earth’s pre-historic times. Unknown to Western civilization until the early 1800s, the ancient Nama people used pieces to construct tools and weapons. In 2015, its destiny not yet fulfilled, the hands of Cabot Guns’ master craftsman wrapped around a 77-pound piece of unshapen material and so began a transformation. Like the men of yore, we also saw in it the potential to shape earthly perfection from materials of the cosmos.

Destined to be different, Cabot’s innovative design and manufacturing team tackled a project that is without peer in feats of modern human engineering. From a space rock, we crafted a complex and precise mechanism. We unlocked the ancient secrets of a lifeless hunk of iron-nickel alloy, formed it, and gave it breath with which to speak, showcasing an other-worldly creation. Billions of years through time and space are perfected now into an ultimate achievement of American design, willpower, and can-do spirit.

In crafting the Big Bang Pistol Set, we wished to maintain as much out-of-this-world detail in our finished product as was possible. On close inspection, “voids” in the material itself are able to be discerned, oxidation of high-iron content areas gives a hint of the meteor’s age, and exposed “bark” from its outermost shell adorns numerous surface features of the pistols. Each are exact copies of the other, but both are entirely unique. Different finishing techniques highlight the diversity of the material from which we extracted these weapons. High polish flats on the grips, natural patterning on the slide and frame (acid etched to accentuate the supernatural texture of the meteors internal structure), and elsewhere intact outer-edges of the meteorite that survived the heat and violence of atmospheric entry – all come together to bring skyward-turned eyes back to earth, to gaze in breathless amazement.


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Cabot Guns Big Bang Pistol Set
Original price was: $4,990,000.00.Current price is: $4,660,000.00.
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