Browning A-Bolt 223 WSSM Accurate Varmint Stalker


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Here is to a caliber that is much over looked, the 25 WSSM just what the predator hunter needs. It has the same ballistic’s as the old reliable 25-06 but in a much more compact design. Just like it’s predecessor’s before it’s coming the .223 and the .243 WSSM cartridges, but for some unknown reason it really didn’t catch on. So Browning dropped it from their line of rifles, but i think winchester still has it and they even sell an AR platform in it too. I have had some really good luck with it myself on accuracy and being able to put my prey down in their track’s. Using a 75 gr. V-Max at 3500 fps. load the maximum point blank range of 291 yards without having to hold over. That relates to 2 1/2” above and below the line of sight out to 291 yard’s so you can shoot with a normal reticle with no hold over. No confusing multi reticle lines to deal with ethier, i have a varmint reticle on my other rifle and i like it also it has it’s place. But let’s keep it simple as we can, there is no majic caliber but this one has served me well. My son and myself have managed to take every coyote we have shot at with this rifle and in one shot kill’s. So i only have great respect for this little jewel, and it’s in the Browning A Bolt Micro Hunter super short and super sweet to handle. Little to no recoil and same velocity with a little less powder as it’s big brother the 25-06 the only fallback of this is that browning doesn’t carry it in the Micro Hunter anymore. Sure am glad i have mine i’m putting a few pictures of some of it’s victom’s here for you all.


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Browning A-Bolt 223 WSSM Accurate Varmint Stalker
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