BlackOut NV-3 Compound Bow



Silent, smooth, and steady, the BlackOut® NV-3 Compound Bow gives demanding bowhunters a premium blend of top-level performance and smooth shooting feel. The end result of expert engineering and design aimed at hunting success, the feature-packed NV-3 offers industry-leading performance with a wide-ranging adjustability and customization to match nearly any archer’s shooting style. A design that brings stability and premier, repeatable accuracy to the forefront, the NV-3 offers bowhunters a new level of power and balance with its innovative Tri-Track cam system. Sporting 3 tracks with a cable on each side of the cam, this advanced design ensures the cam quietly turns on the axle in perfect balance to eliminate cam lean and increase the bow’s forgiveness. Giving bowhunters a silent and silky smooth draw cycle every time they draw an arrow, this advanced and efficient powerplant still delivers the jaw-dropping power to launch arrows up to 340 fps. This advanced system also features a rotating performance module that allows your to find the perfect draw length between 23.5″–30.5″ in precise 1/4″ increments. Optional limb stops allow further customization for archers who prefer the feel of a rock-solid back wall. Wide and stable, 1-piece, machined-aluminum limb pockets anchor the bow’s precision limbs firmly to the bow’s stable machined-aluminum riser and provide easy draw weight adjustment. Offering a customizable let-off level between 70%–90%, the NV-3 lets you easily hold full draw as you line up that season-ending shot. An adjustable roller guard provides additional tuning options, reduces vibration and noise after the shot, and enhances the bow’s smooth draw over its ball bearing-reinforced rollers. A slim Precision Grip offers a comfortable feel and control, while the string stop and limb block system stifles dynamic vibration and noise after the shot. Equipped with premium strings and cables. Axle-to-axle: 33″. Brace height: 6″. Weight: 4.5 lbs.

  • Advanced blend of premium hunting bow performance and feel
  • Big power with silent and silky smooth draw cycle
  • Advanced Tri-Track cam system
  • Powerhouse design
  • Stable machined-aluminum riser with a slim Precision Grip
  • Wide and stable, 1-piece, machined-aluminum limb pockets
  • Wide-ranging customization to match nearly any archer’s shooting style
  • Rotating performance module
  • Optional limb stops
  • Customizable let-off level between 70%–90%
  • Ball bearing-reinforced roller guard
  • String stop and limb block system
  • Premium strings and cables
  • Easy-to-handle 33″ axle-to-axle


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BlackOut NV-3 Compound Bow
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