Bear Archery Legit RTH Compound Bow Package

Original price was: $899.99.Current price is: $649.99.


Designed to perform for ANY bowhunter, the highly-adjustable Bear Archery® Legit RTH Compound Bow Package offers the versatility to fit all ages and skill levels. A high performance, extremely adjustable design, the Legit combines an easy fit and smooth draw cycle with big performance in the stand or blind. Offering a draw weight range of 10 lbs. all the way up to 70 lbs. and draw length adjustability from 14″ to 30″, the Legit offers an easy, comfortable fit for nearly any bowhunter. New dual cam system and 75% let-off helps you pull the bow back smoothly every time, before launching arrows up to 315 fps. Compact for easy maneuverability in the stand or ground blind, this bow measures just 30″ from axle to axle and weighs just 3.6 lbs. Offset string suppressor and string dampeners help stop string vibration and noise. Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) package includes: Trophy Ridge® 4-pin sight, Trophy Ridge 5-arrow quiver, Whisker Biscuit® arrow rest, Trophy Ridge Blitz stabilizer and sling, no-tie peep sight, and D loop.

  • High-performance, grow-with-you bow outfitted with a Ready-to-Hunt package
  • High-performance design with tremendous versatility and adjustability
  • Wide draw length adjustment – 14″-30″
  • Wide draw weight range – 10-70 lbs.
  • Powerful design – up to 315 fps
  • Smooth drawing dual cam system – 75% let-off
  • Compact 30″ axle to axle
  • Offset string suppressor
  • RTH package includes 4-pin sight, Whisker Biscuit, stabilizer and sling, 5-arrow quiver, peep sight, and D loop


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Bear Archery Legit RTH Compound Bow Package
Original price was: $899.99.Current price is: $649.99.
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