Winchester M855 .5.56 NATO Ammunition 820 Round Ammo Can 62 Grain SS109 Pentrator Bullet




Winchester loads for the U.S. military and has some extra capacity and is offering Mil-Spec loads of 5.56 NATO, M855, green tipped penetrator full metal jacket bullet packed 820 rounds in a steel ammo can.

These are not Chinese ammo cans, but U.S. made steel ammo cans that are brand new with folding carrying handle, lever lock lid and measure 11x7x5.5″.

Manufacturer: Winchester
Manufacturer number: GQ3228
820 Rounds in steel ammo can
Built to strict Military Specifications
Bullet type: Green Tipped M855 penetrator FMJ
Grain Weight: 62
Brass case
Boxer primed
Muzzle Velocity: 3160 fps.
Lead core with mild steel penetrator
Gilding meal jacket
820 Rounds