Star FireStar M-43 9mm Auto “Starvel” Finish




The Firestar series is a group of small, compact pistols designed for concealed carry. These are interesting in several ways. First of all, in that there is a true series. Not one that emerged over time as variants were introducted, but a series conceived and sold all at the same time. This offered small, single-stack pistols in 9 mm Parabellum. Secondly, these are a mix of mechanical features. Though constructed firmly in the modern era, they are still single action. Slide rails are inverted, and the locking system is generally of the most modern styling, with coned barrels which did not otherwise emerge until the M31 and Megastar. The trigger system is, however, almost identical to that of the classic series, even forsaking the removable backstrap of the modern series pistols. Other mechanical differences include the lack of a firing pin stop plate. To remove the firing pin, the rear sight must be removed (by hammering it off), and the drop safety pull out the top. The trigger is basically that of the 1911 clones like the B series, and retains the disappointing single side transfer bar. Although I can only surmise the point of these guns was to capture the same concealed carry market the then-discontinued PD blazed, they never achieved the same following. Though reasonably popular sellers, by the time they emerged, there were a number of competitors, including a large selection of increasingly compact 1911s. They were also rather heavy by comparison, and the only alloy-framed pistol offered was the double-stack M234. rt, a very tiny ball bearing can replace it perfectly well, but good luck getting ahold of one. The model 43 and 40 are mechanically identical, and in fact almost all parts are interchangable. The only difference is in caliber. The M43 is in 9 mm Parabellum/Luger and the M40 is in .40 S&W. It should be noted that, unlike the M31 in .40, and many other early .40 caliber pistols, the M40 is perfectly reliable. Both of these pistols have steel frames, are equipped with magazine safeties and drop safeties. Ambidexterous safety levers block the engagement of the trigger, but not movement of the slide, so it can be very safetly loaded and unloaded. The slide on both pistols was originally identical, with a sloped, trapezoidal shape. Very early into the production, M40 pistols began to appear with heavier and more slab-sided slides. This was apparently to address a reliability or battering issue with the increased recoil impulse of the .40 S&W cartridge. At least one owner I have received information from indicates reduced recoil spring life and parts damage far in excess of the 9 mm pistols. The heavier slide seems to help with this. Star FireStar M-43 9mm 3″ barrel w/4 7rd magazines.  This pistol is beautiful with the “Starvel” finish, witch is an electrolysis nickel. This pistol looks to be unfired, because I see no traces of fouling or gunpowder. It is literally “clean as a whistle”.  and in great shape. Not a light weight girlee gun, it’s a solidly built, fine quality compact carry pistol. What is pictured and is described is what you get. It’s the perfect personal protection handgun.