Medford Knife & Tool knives for sale. Praetorians for sale in Fort Worth Texas




I have some MKT folders for sale.

First is a Praetorian T flamed Ti with a Tanto Point PVD Black blade.(deep blues on the Ti scales)

Second is a Praetorian G flamed Ti with a Vulcan Tanto Point blade. This Vulcan blade has some nice one of a kind features/patterns with a comet trail along the blades edge on 1 side and a bright orange tip on the point. The flamed Ti scales are a light tanish w some grey and bluish fades and irregular flame stripes.

Third is a Marauder(full size) with Ti scales and a heavy PVD Black Drop Point blade. The scales on this one are uniform in color and are Ti Grey with some precision grind work that gives a look of speed plus a positive grip texture.
All are new in box with the cardboard and the Pelican type case that MKT folders ship in. All care and warranty paper work is present plus the clear business card and the dog tag.