FN 509 Tactical With Upgrades




i have a almost flawless FN 509 Tactical FS/FT.

(really wanting a 1911)

i will entertain all offers within reason.

Build is as follows

FN509 Tac
War Comp
Apex Trigger and sear kit
Holosun 507c
O-Light PL Mini 2
Badass backplate (Dont Tread On Me)
Odin Works Holster custom fit to the gun with RMR, Compensator, and Olight Mini Instaled

also comes with all orginal equipment. including paperwork, 1 17rd Mag, 2 24rd Mags, Carry Case, Thread Protector

Asking Price Make an offer bassed off what you think the gun is worth! we will go from there.
As stated above, i find some sort of intrest in everything that goes bang, so let me know what you got.