DPMS G2 Hunter- A slim and lightweight .308




This is a DPMS G2 Hunter chambered in .308 Winchester. The .308 is a higher-pressure round, and will also chamber the 7.62 NATO round, as well (the 7.62 round is lower pressure, per SAAMI specs).  The G2 is lighter weight than the first gen, and is compatable with AR-15 mi-spec lower receiver upgrades.  This comes with the stock factory two-stage trigger, and I have been absolutely happy with it, and have not needed to upgrade it.  It also has the factory-upgraded Hogue grip, a carbon-fiber handguard and a full-sized Magpul MOE rifle stock.

The G2 Hunter debuted in 2014, and was ground-breaking at that time ( https://www.tactical-life.com/firearms/ar-test-dpms-gii-308-hunter/ , from 2014).  It is still relevant today, as American Hunter reviewed in 2019 ( https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2019/3/13/ review-dpms-gii-hunter/ ).  The only change I felt this rifle needed, was an Odin Works adjustable gas block.  This allows you to tune the rifle to individual loads (bullet weight and powder combo’s).